As with most big life changes, un-tethering from a reliable1 Internet connection has it's ups and downs. Not to go without some planning in the music department, we turned to SoundCloud in order to procure a few reliable offline beats. Given the general tenor of the stage in the journey in which we were in, seeking out "Burning Man Sunrise" sets seemed most appropriate. The track below has been queued up in numerous makeshift nests along our journey!

This section of our site entitled 'Polyphonic Dissonance' is an important one since Dina and I both enjoy such an incredibly broad spectrum of music to carry us onward, upward, and usually most importantly, inward. We're going to go ahead and leave this initial post here as a cairn for waylaid music lovers to follow... much much more to come here!

Also, special thanks this month to Phenomenal Bob2 out in Steamboat Springs, CO for sharing his excitement for early R&B with us while whipping up a special batch of his Phenomenal Falafels. We took a walk down Sam Cooke lane with his hit from 1960 entitled, Chain Gang.



1 reliable is used loosely here given the fact that our internet connection at the brewery was a wireless bridge from the neighbor's unit in the next building over
2 one of our wonderful hosts along our US roadtrip journey happily living his life out in the beautiful Steamboat Springs area rambling about at 17½ miles per hour in a 35mph zone

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